What is a Medium ?

My little "ghost dog" Bodie...

My spiritual journey began in my younger years, with experiences I had a hard time explaining, or understanding. I could always sense and often see spirits, but it scared me. And curiosity for the other side did not start with me. It has been a fascination and gift for most of my family.
      After so many experiences, and worldly/ religious beliefs, I let my fears take over (around age 12), and pushed my abilities away.
     As I got older, Spirit visited me again. My car accident also sent me on the “fast track” spiritually. My life until this point had been frustrating, and pretty unhappy. Coming from medical sales/corporate America was not my “thing.” Fast forward to the present…after many challenges, and trying to wrap my mind around what exactly was happening, I stopped fighting it, and chose to accept my gifts/abilities.

I received so many positive affirmations that helping those in Spirit, and the living was the right thing to do, I finally embraced being a Medium.My mission now is to provide healing and support for both sides of the “veil.” Delivering messages with love and compassion, along with honesty and integrity. It is always my privilege to help, no matter how challenging that may be.
I welcome the opportunity to connect loved ones.
~Brandi K

About Brandi.....

 First, I would like to commend you for making the decision to contact a medium. It can sometimes be a challenging decision. There is a reason you are here. And I am always excited to help. Thank you for reaching-out.

  Before your Session:

Before we begin it is important not to offer too much information. You may be asking, "How much is too much?"  An example would be..."I want to connect with my Mom, Renee, she died a month ago."

It's OK to let me know you have someone in Spirit that you would like to connect with, that you were close too. It's important for me to gather as much info/ clues (like playing Charades) so that I can confirm who is with us. Towards the end of the session is when we review, and during I may ask a questions. Being engaged, and providing acknowledgment when something makes sense is important.

Spirit loves to be acknowledged !

It takes a lot of energy on my part, and for Spirit to come through, and connect. It is also important to know that sometimes messages don't make sense right away. It may become clear after the reading, when you have had time to reflect. It is my job to give the information I am receiving, as clearly as I can.

Scheduling a session~What to expect

A medium is quite simply a middleman.  Mediums are messengers for "Spirit," helping the living connect with those that have passed.

With the help of God, my angels,and guides, along with my physical  body raising vibration levels, this amazing connection is possible.

I do believe Mediumship is truly a gift from God, allowing us to know that our loved ones still exist, and are with us. I like to think of a Medium as linking frequencies, much like tuning into a radio station, or bars on a cell phone. After a connection is made I use my senses to transfer information from one dimension to another. It is a blessing, to be able to help, and share such an amazing gift !!!