• Private Sessions~ In person, approx. 1 hour or 1/2 hour
  • Phone Readings~Mediumship or life path (angel cards), includes; audio file of session
  • Mini Group Sessions~2-4 people
  • Group Sessions~5-10 people
  • House Clearing~ Home assessment, who is there and why. We decide what next steps can be taken to address problems.~This is great for any possible, unwanted visitors in your space/ home        

Services Offered

Every appointment involves a great deal of preparation before and after a session, which often includes preparation the day before, during and after. Spirit often appears a day before. It is very important that if a schedule change is needed at least 24 hour notice is requested. We thank you :)

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Possible scenarios during a session:

  • A spirit shows-up that you don't know or remember. It happens...could be a grandfather you've never met
  • Spirit wants you to deliver a message to another living person that they are unable to reach
  • Mixed signals/clues...they often are excited and all want to chat at once. My challenge is interpretation & discernment

   I may become a "channel" for your loved one (this is often done to get your attention) they use my body to talk or look at you
   I do not invite darkness or negativity into our sessions. This should be about receiving loving, positive messages
   It can be difficult to connect if the living are skeptical, or come into a session with very specific questions, or expectations.

   Sometimes we do not always get the answers we are looking for. Spirit chooses how and when they connect.

  When a connection is made it is amazing!! ( Patience is important here, this in not TV, lol ). Your session is meant to be a positive,    loving experience. And sometimes we just don't have enough time to chat with everyone. That's OK, you can always schedule another session. I always enjoy "meeting" your loved ones on the other side. No need to worry, or be afraid. You will be fine. I am here to help guide you through the process.