Every appointment involves a great deal of preparation before and after a session, which often includes preparation the day before, during and after. Spirit often appears a day before. It is very important that if a schedule change is needed at least 24 hour notice is requested. We thank you :)

Q & A:

Scheduling a session~What to expect

First, I would like to commend you for making the decision to contact a medium. It can sometimes be a challenging decision. There is a reason you are here. And I am always excited to help. Thank you for reaching-out.
  Before your Session:
Before we begin it is important not to offer too much information. You may be asking, "How much is too much?"  An example would be..."I want to connect with my Mom, Renee, she died a month ago."
It's OK to let me know you have someone in Spirit that you would like to connect with, that you were close too. It's important for me to gather as much info/ clues (like playing Charades) so that I can confirm who is with us. Towards the end of the session is when we review, and during I may ask a questions. Being engaged, and providing acknowledgment when something makes sense is important.
Spirit loves to be acknowledged !
It takes a lot of energy on my part, and for Spirit to come through, and connect. It is also important to know that sometimes messages don't make sense right away. It may become clear after the reading, when you have had time to reflect. It is my job to give the information I am receiving, as clearly as I can.

  • Private Sessions~ In person, approx. 1 hour or 1/2 hour
  • Phone Readings~Mediumship or life path (angel cards), includes; audio file of session
  • Mini Group Sessions~2-4 people
  • Group Sessions~5-10 people
  • House Clearing~ Home assessment, who is there and why. We decide what next steps can be taken to address problems.~This is great for any possible, unwanted visitors in your space/ home  
  • Coaching Sessions ~We will address areas in your life you would like to improve while working with your angels & guides
  •       Audio file is available for your session as a courtesy. You also have the option of recording on your own device

Services Offered

Question: Why do you not recommend bringing a friend or family member to my session ?

A: Sometimes "Spirit" may bring-up an uncomfortable or unknown situation. I may need to reveal this info.because it is important. An example :Your Mom or Dad in Spirit also had a different connection with you vs. your sister.

Q: Why do sessions cost so much ?

A: There is a lot of prep work that is involved for each session. Your appointment is only approx.one hour, but I often start getting information the night before. This can also take a toll physically. So the 1.5 hour appointment is really around 3 hours of my time. This also includes emails & sending recordings