" Brandi, you are amazing! Yes, you do connect with Spirit! I attended your first spirit circle at The Angelic Connection with no expectations whatsoever to be read. But then you turned your attention to me! You connected with my father. I know that because your description of him fit to a 'T'! Then he was trying to get a 'D' name across to me. Well, my mom's name IS Dee (short for Deloris)! BOOM! What followed after we established that is was my dad I'll keep to myself. But I will say this: no one on the planet, including my dad when he was here, knew of the things we spoke of that night! But it was all true! His words of love and comfort have scratched an itch I've carried for so long. Thank you, Brandi (and dad!) for getting that message to me! It changes everything! Love & Gratitude

~Carol D

"Brandi continues to amaze me each time she reads for me. My last session with her was at a very emotional time for me. Although I told her nothing about the situation, she was able to channel my father right away and zero in on my issues. Brandi was able to convey to me loving messages from my father, grandmother and aunt. Their messages reassured me that they were still with me and assisting the love ones I was concerned about. For weeks after our session, I received confirmation of things Brandi shared with me from my deceased loved ones. Sometimes the words were verbatim. After my session with Brandi, my sadness was transformed into a knowing, that any changes that were forthcoming would be for the highest good of all. If you're looking for a medium whose is truly gifted, accurate, and kind, make an appointment with Brandi.
~Donna (California)."

Hello Brandi this is Jessica from the Saturday morning group. I was so impressed with you that I've been sharing your gift with others and also of course interested for myself. Would love to continue to receive information as to any group sessions and also individual sessions that you offer. You are truly a blessing

Hello Brandi,
It was so very nice to meet you today.  Thank you for all the preparation work you completed before I came and for being the medium for me to connect with special people in my life.  It was an awe filled experience and I cherished the opportunity to connect with treasured people in my life.  You have a blessed gift.  I can imagine how much work it is for you to do this specialized service.  I visited your website and it was very informative as to what you do.  I also visited the jewelry website and will look forward to picking out something soon for me, and also for a gift to others.  You have many beautiful pieces. 
  I would like to come again in the near future !
Again, thank you so much for today.  It was very rewarding and insightful!   


Thank you so much for the reading ! You took the extra time to really listen, and help me to see the positive, with messages from my loved ones, and the Angel cards. I can move forward knowing I am loved and protected.

~Kerry, Riverside

" I would like to thank you for the insightful reading you gave me. I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders, so much lighter. I know my grandmother is with me, and she knows what is going on in my life. You are truly gifted and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I feel like a new woman" ~Amanda, Laguna Beach

..."she truly has a gift. She is genuine, accurate, and articulate, in conveying information. I would highly recommend her" ~Lois, California

" I think it is rare when a Medium possesses the ability to see spirit so clearly, and can immediately identify their relationship to the person they're trying to connect with. Brandi has this gift. Her accuracy, along with the compassion and humility she uses when sharing information makes her all the more special. I highly recommend her." ~Wendy R., Tustin, CA

"During my reading my father came through. My dad was described in detail, including his personality. It was really nice to connect with him and get some answers to questions that were lingering after he passed"

~Richelle, New Mexico

".....so it had been about a year since my sister died and I was still devastated, like it had just happened. I was not in a good place after losing so many family members in such a short time. Brandi was able to connect right away with her and several other family members. I felt like a huge weight had been lifted. My sister coming through from the "other side" Changed my life. I am so grateful. You have an amazing, beautiful gift. I feel reborn."
~Mary Ellen, Yucaipa